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Health and hygiene protocols

Hotel Alyss


  • All facilities are disinfected daily
  • You will find certified hand sanitiser dispensers throughout our establishments; their use is compulsory
  • Protective screens in customer service areas
  • The lifts can only be used by one person at a time or at most by 2 people who share the same room
  • Room keys will be disinfected before handing them over
  • Towels and bed linen are washed at high temperature
  • Sanitiser, gloves and masks available to all guests
  • TV remote control and telephone are sterilised daily in all rooms
  • Open or foot-operated waste bins lined with a bag
Hotel Alyss


  • Wearing gloves and masks is compulsory
  • They will find hand sanitiser in the common areas
  • Insofar as possible, payments should be done by credit card
  • POS systems will be disinfected regularly
Hotel Alyss


  • All members of staff know the new health and safety measures
  • Our staff will wear gloves and masks at all times
  • Staff uniforms are washed and disinfected daily
  • Co-workers must stay at least 1.5 metres apart
  • Reception staff will disinfect the counter every time they finish attending a client
Hotel Alyss


  • Breakfast will be delivered through Room Service
  • We will leave an empty table between diners to guarantee the safety distance
  • Orders will be served following all safety measures and delivered under a cover
  • Breakfast will preferably be served in your room
Hotel Alyss
  • Your room will be cleaned and disinfected by our room service using the VAPODIL.
  • This, thanks to the action of steam reaching a continuous temperature of 120°C, combined with a pressure of 4 bars, offers you the assurance of a thoroughly disinfected room.
  • Indeed the detergent, bactericidal and fungicidal properties of the steam temperature ensure excellent disinfection results and the elimination of microorganisms and other bacteria.